ESN Leiria’s team is a group of enthusiasts who are firmly committed to the common goals of the team. We are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and 'muck in' to get the task done. Each one of us is prepared to take personal responsibility for getting the assignment done. Loyalty is obviously also important, loyalty to all members and to the organization as a whole. Communication is the key to successful mutual based relationships. Due to this fact we have a board that is not afraid to help and pass on all the information so as to fullfill the needs and to get the projects done. It is widely known the need to help each other in every step of the way. All teams should consist of members who are capable of contributing to the achievement of the goal based on their level of know-how.


ESN Leiria was constituted by a group of friends that after their Erasmus period felt the need for their hometown to have an ESN section. The values of ESN are precisely what united the friends and promoted the gathing and approached the idea that there was missing a section in our hometown (Leiria). We believe that Leiria has a huge potential to grow and establish a stronger bond between local inhabitants and the Erasmus essence. The stages of development of the organization consisted in recruiting a dedicated team with expertise among students under the Erasmus mobility program and experience in teamwork. Several meetings are continuously held with the entire team to jointly elaborate the objectives, the activities plan and the bylaws.


ESN Leiria is the newest section of ESN Portugal and the thing that defines us is the atitute that we face towards the unknown and the spirit that we embrace in the ESN Leiria. We defy gravity by rocking the Leiria’s district from top to bottom due to the involvement and enthusiasm that everyone salutes and promotes. Our aim is to keep on promoting the all locals are well knwon for the entrepeneurship due to the fact that the king D Dinis lived in Leiria and dibbled the Portuguese pine forest that launched the portuguese caravelas to Brazil and to India. Leiria represents the spirit of the portuguese sailors that did not fear the unknown and always risked their lives in order to pursuit their dreams. This is our major ability and our resilience lies on the fact that we do not fear hard work and that we do the best we can in every step and moment of the way. ESN leiria has this dream and works for it. We are always commited and we will always do our best and never says no and we refuse pessimism.